SECULAR HUMANISM: the most dangerous religion in America
by Duncan Homor

reviewed by Louis A. Turk

Duncan Homor was warning people about the threat of secular humanism to freedom many years ago. It is a pity that almost no one listened. Now our country is almost destroyed morally, educationally, and spiritually.

What is interesting about humanism is that it is the exact opposite of Christianity. Humanism is a religion based on pure atheism. Whatever Christianity says is right, Humanism says is wrong. Humanism is the pure evil. Unfortunately, it is also highly organized into political action groups with well defined purposes and goals. All other religions lie somewhere in between Humanism and Christianity.

Homor does a excellent job of describing the dangers of Humanism. He is absolutely right in saying that Humanism is the most dangerous religion in America, and he explains why very clearly. Unfortunately, he gives the wrong solution to the problem. He does not see that public schools are based on socialism, which is based on atheism, and are therefore anti-Christian at their roots. He very wrongly thinks that public schools can be reformed. Still the book is an excellent consise overview of Humanism. 81 pages.

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