by William Murray

reviewed by Louis Turk, Ph.D.

Humanists can describe atheism to make it seem righteous, intellectual, and wise. Behind the scenes, however, their lives do not match their words.

William Murray is the son of the famous atheist, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who was instrumental in getting prayer taken out of public schools. Because of her influence William grew up an atheist. However, as time went by he became more and more dissatisfied with his life without God. He eventually converted to Christianity and became a Baptist preacher---totally rejecting atheism.

In this great book, William describes the hell that life was in his mother's home. The agony she put her family through is heart rending. He describes how her atheism caused her to neglect her children, hate her father, hate her employers, and hate her country. Her bitterness and deceitfulness is shown in all its ugliness.

Eventually, her utter evilness caused William to realize that God must exist. He saw Satan in his mother, and since it was therefore certain that Satan exists, William realized that God must also exist.

This is a very important book that everyone concerned about what is happening in public schools should read. If you have a friend or relative who has become or is considering becoming an atheist, send them this book at once. All of your children and grandchildren should read this book so they realize how wrong and destructive atheism is.

This book is extremely interesting and easy to read. William has done a great service to mankind in writing this book.

Liberty Bell.

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