by J. Edgar Hoover

reviewed by Louis A. Turk

This book exposes the Communist Party USA for the dangerous evil that it is. Communism is not dead, folks. What is really interesting about this book is that if you simply replace the word communist with the word Humanist throughout the book you will have a perfect description of the present Humanist threat to our country. For all practical purposes Humanism is simply communism with a different name.

The chapter on agitation is especially good. Think of Cindy Sheehan as you read this chapter and you will see how closely Humanists follow the tactics of communists to discredit people they hate. Now that he is dead, the communists and Humanists are using these very tactics to try to destroy Hoover's reputation in the eyes of the public. Now that he is dead and cannot defend himself they accuse him of being a homosexual. As head of the FBI for many years, Hoover was an extremely well respected man in his day. There is no way I believe that he was a homosexual.

Hoover points out that communism is a religion. Humanism is also a religion.

Liberty Bell.

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