GODLESS: the church of Liberalism
by Ann Coulter

reviewed by Louis A. Turk

America's Most Loved Woman Writer Is the Woman Atheists/Communists/Liberals/Humanists Hate the Most!

The front cover of the June 26, 2006 issue of The National Enquirer draws attention to a lead article with the headline: "The Most Hated Woman In America---why she should be thrown out of the country." On page 17, the article the cover refers to is titled "Ann Coulter Is Pure, Unadulterated Evil." It quotes various Atheists/Communists/Liberals/Humanists saying, "She is a traitor to this country and should be kicked out," and calling her "Ann 'bin' Coulter," saying she is "sick and unpatriotic," and stating that "Coulter needs to be made an example of and thrown out of America!" and declaring "If she hates this country so much then I beg her to leave it." All this hatred towards Ann from the people that hate the U.S.A. more than any other group in America! And they call Ann unpatriotic! Wow! Godless must be a really, really, really, really good book! And it is!

A week or so before the above article was published, even Hillary Clinton sputtered a few words of hate for Ann, saying that Ann is mean and hateful toward women. Ann replied by advising Hillary that before she starts critizing other women for being mean to women she should first rebuke her husband who was creditably accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick. Isn't rape being mean and hateful to women? Other women have also accused Bill of raping them.

I have read several of Ann's books and can state that she loves the USA with the same zeal that the atheist, Communist, Liberal, Humanist crowd loves Communist China, Cuba, Russia, the Taliban, and France. In other words, Ann doesn't hate the USA at all---she loves the USA with a passion. It is the atheist-Communist-Liberal-Humanist crowd (the Democratic Party) which hates the USA. They are the ones calling our president "The #1 Terrorist In the World," and thereby encouraging our enemies to keep on fighting us. They are the ones providing lawyers to defend the Islamist terrorists. They are the ones defending the burning of our flag, saying flag burning is an expression of free speech.

This attack on Ann proves her point

The point Ann made in her book which the Liberals are trying to use against her is that Liberals use women who have experienced sorrow or grief as their spokespersons so that anyone who challanges their wicked and treasonous ideas will look mean. Cindy Sheehan, for example, lost a son in Iraq, so she should be allowed to undermine our war effort with impunity. And the Liberals demand that we feel sorry for the four humanist widows who lost husbands at the Twin Towers and allow them also to undermine our war effort with their lies and false accusations. If we dare point out their treason we are "mean to women." But the fact is that those women are encourging the enemy to kill more of our soldiers. Aren't they, in fact, the ones that are mean? Worse than mean, they are traitors. But if we say so, we are mean and evil, and worthy of total condemnation to Hell (which humanists don't even believe in).

Ann is a woman. Aren't the Liberals being mean to her? After all, isn't it mean to call someone "pure, unadulterated evil" and to say that she should be kicked out of the country? What hypocrites Liberals are!

Why the atheist-Communist-Liberal-Humanist crowd hates Ann Coulter

The reason Liberals hate Ann so is because in her books she very clearly and effectively documents their treason and shows that they are always on the side of our enemies. I will add that if anyone deserves to be thrown out of the country it is the treasonous atheists, Communists, Liberals, and Humanists who are doing everything they can to destroy the soverignity of the USA so that the United Nations can overrule the U.S. Constitution.

Godless shows that the Democrat party has degenerated into to the anti-God, pro-crime, pro-baby-murder, pro-death, anti-Christian party. It shows that the Democrats main religious doctrine, Evolution, is held to by Liberals insanely, even though it is a totally disproven theory and at best is "bogus science."

Why Ann's book is so important

Godless shows that Liberalism (which is just another word for Humanism) is a religion that has been established as the state church of the U.S.A.---"its clergy (public school teachers), its churches (government schools, where prayer is prohibited but condoms are free)."

When I first heard about Godless, I thought that Ann's new book might cover the same material as my book, Public School Hell, but that is not the case. Godless covers different material, but complements Public School Hell perfectly.

Books the Humanist Crowd Hate So Much Must Be More Than Good!

In fact, Ann's books are great! No one should be allowed to vote until after they have read Ann's books. Not only are Ann's books filled with vital documented facts, they are also entertaining. She is very witty and always ready to defend God-based politics by pointing out the lies and hypocrisy of Liberalism.

Ann's books are not perfect. She occasionally uses mild profanity. In Godless she doesn't understand the importance of a young earth. Nevertheless, better than any other contemporary writer, Ann is speaking the mind of God-loving patriots who know history and appreciate common sense. Ann's books may not be perfect, but they are close!

The Liberals are determined to destroy Ann Coulter

Just a Sen. Joseph McCarthy did with the Communists years ago, Ann has dared prove Liberals to be what they are: liars, deceivers, hypocrites, and traitors. For this they are trying to totally discredit and destroy her, just like they did McCarthy. Their goal is to be so vicious with her that her supporters will be afraid to be identified with her. Like a huge pack of wolves, they are attacking her is every way possible. What they want you to say is that you are a strong Conservative, but that you aren't a bigot like Ann Coulter! Hey, Ann isn't a bigot and you know it. Liberals want you to abandon and reject Ann so that her influence to expose their atheism and treason is reduced. Let us not be cowards. This is the time to more fervently love and support Ann Coulter even if her enemies find in her some legitimate faults (you can be sure they are looking). Remember that none of us are perfect. Even if the liberals may find some faults in Ann, that will not change the facts she so eloquently exposes in her books. Don't let the Liberals distract you from carefully examining their hatred of God and of the USA as exposed in Ann's books.


Liberty Bell.

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