This is the style manual Dayspring Publisher suggests its authors use for writing scholarly and non-fiction books.

This 15th addition has been extensively revised to meet the needs of writers and publishers using computer software to produce their books. The formatting of Ebooks and Electronic journals are also covered in this new edition. An excellent new chapter on English grammar has also been added.

All aspects of formatting scholarly books are covered, including how to format the title page, copyright page, dedication, epigraph, table of contents, list of illustration, list of tables, foreword, preface, acknowledgments, introduction, proper divisions of the text (parts, chapters, headings, subheadings, epilogues, afterwords, conclusions), backmatter (appendixes, chronology, endnotes, glossary, biblography or reference list, list of contributors, index, colophon), running heads, page numbers, errata, and exterior structure (cover, jacket). Also covered are rights and permissions, punctuation, spelling, names and terms, numbers, dealing with foreign languages, quotations, dialogue, illustrations and captions, tables, mathematics in type, abbreviations, and documentation. 956 pages.

The end result of using this manual is a conservative, non-distracting style that is both consistent and pleasingly familiar. The CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE is probably used by more publishers than any other manual.

This book will cost you $55.00 in a physical book store, but only $34.65 online from Amazon.

Liberty Bell.

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